Home Remedies for Chiggers Bites

When it comes to chigger bites there is nothing that you should be afraid of. There is no denial to the fact that severe itching and swelling can occur in some cases but there are home remedies for chiggers which will help in alleviating the itchiness and pain in most cases. Those who spend a lot time outdoors amidst natural vegetation are more susceptible to chiggers. Very often when you come back from outdoor camping or other expeditions chiggers may come along hidden in your clothes. Chiggers are mites that feed on the skin tissue. Once the bite has been made, skin tissue around that point is dead and the whole area hardens up a bit. This dead tissue is food for chiggers and itching along with irritation is caused due to the enzyme contained in the bite.

What there in the bite?

Basically the chemical that we are looking in chigger bites is nothing but a form of acid which is why any remedy including home remedies for chiggers containing neutralizing substances work well.

Some myths

Chiggers are not some insects that will move through the skin inside the body and cause some serious harm. Many people start getting hysterical once they feel those massive irritations in several areas. If the case is very severe immediate medical attention may be necessary but in most cases homemade remedies will work fine

What to do for getting relief from itching and pain

Baking soda is an alkalizing substance and therefore it will neutralize the effect of acid that is contained in the bite. Make a paste of baking soda by mixing about one teaspoon or tablespoon with little amounts of water till you have a thick paste. Apply gently over the concerned area and wait for the effect to take place. Slowly the pain and irritation will tone down remarkably. Soaps are also high on alkaline contents and will also be effective in this regard. After baking soda application you can wash the affected area with soap and lukewarm water.

Warm water dab over the area will prevent swelling and if possible take a full body warm shower for getting relief from irritation and swelling. Certain oils such as castor and oil based products such as petroleum jelly based creams can also be applied for reducing irritation. There may be several home remedies for chiggers but one has to keep in mind the fact that the itching and irritation will take some time to go provided that you don’t suffer from continuous bites in other areas.

Some precautions

Do not try rare and hypothetical methods promising instant relief unless you are very sure about the source or have witnessed the solution in real time. Some patience and regular application of relief methods will bring positive results within a short span of time. Over the counter creams are also available but home based therapies are equally effective. Chigger bites usually do not cause infection. However, if you continuously scratch the affected area resultant skin problems may occur.